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BGA, LGA, QFN, IC, & PCB - Rework, Repair, Solder Bumping, and Reballing Services.

BGA Rework Services Offered

  BGA Remove and Placement
  Level Three Pad Repair
  Wire Add
  Trace Repair
  BGA Re-Balling
  BGA Inspection

We Rework

  PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
  TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
  uBGA (Micro BGA)
  CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array)
  CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
  CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
  LGA (Land Grid Array)
  QFN (Quad Flat No Lead)
  Double stacked components
  Ball Grid Array Connectors
  Grounded QFP (Quad Flat Pack)
  Grounded SOIC (Small Outline Plastic Packages)
  Lead Free BGA (Ball Grid Array)

We don't charge for set up or profile development either. No need to drill holes in your circuit board. That's primitive! Send us your PCB and BGA. Our experienced staff will develop a profile and install it right on the first try. All included in one standard rate for BGA installation.

BGA Rework- Installation and exchanging of BGA, ball grid array components is performed automatically using an SRT/Summit 1100 Rework System. The SRT is fully capable of installing all size packages including Micro BGA. All components are X-Ray inspected using a Nicolet Imaging System. A picture of the finished solder joint is included with all BGA component rework.

BGA Pad Repair- Includes repair or replacement of damaged BGA pads and related traces. There are additional charges for damaged traces over 1/16" in length. Repairs can be made both on circuit board pads and component pads

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