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        Evertop Power Supply Repair Services...!

Laptop Adapter Repairs / Replacement

Evertop is one of the largest independent depot repair facilities in Central India that offers a complete service solution of power supply repair, and their analysis. Together with our affiliates, we have successfully serviced the government, commercial and industrial sectors for the past 15 years. Evertop is confident to offer our customers EXCELLENT service experience and satisfaction. Our strength and expertise has continued to increase with the acquisitions of Brock Information Group (BIG), Power Team, Ultimate Computers, ERC and our newest aquisition:

Symptoms of a broken laptop power jack:
  The laptop only runs when you keep the power cord in a certain direction.
  The laptop only runs on battery power.
  The laptop will not charge the battery.
  The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.
  The unit suddenly shuts off.
  Sparks come out of the back of the laptop.

Power supply failures are among the most common laptop repair instances in Acer laptop repair, Dell laptop repair and other common types of laptop repair scenarios. Laptops are classically power driven by an internal rechargeable battery that is charged using an external power supply. The battery is charged by the power supply and when the battery is fully charged, the laptop continues to run on AC power.

A laptop repair for problems in power supply is one of the most challenging tasks for an electronic repairer. Facing power supply failure in your laptop causes problems with loss of data as this happens in the middle of some work being performed. The laptop will not start if the power supply is not correct. This is not a simple problem while dealing with a laptop. The fluctuation in the power supply can put the laptop in on and off position without any reason.

For checking laptop repairs check the power supply failure in your laptop, firstly, you have to check whether the power is coming or not. If there is a good power supply makes sure that the correct voltage is selected on the power supply. One of the reasons for the failure of power supply is an unconnected power switch. The power switch lead on ATX PCs, often labeled PW or PW-ON, runs from the front panel of the case to a connector block on the motherboard.

If the power supplies for the laptop motherboard connections is correct turn to hard drive spin up. As soon as the PC powers up, you should be able to hear the hard drive motor spin the drive and the read/write head seeking. Make sure that your power lead is seated in the drive power socket if system power is coming on but the drive still isn't spinning up. If system power isn't coming you should disconnect all drives, one at a time, and try powering up after each change.

Replace the adapter to see that it actually prevents the system from powering up. After you have eliminated the errors in drives and the adapters the remaining possibility of the power failure is the necessity of a motherboard repair. Remove the motherboard and check if a standoff or screw is located in the wrong place or rolling around loose.

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