Cricket Federation of India. The New Way to success. oppurtunity. progress. game.

Aims & Objects

  • To promote and develop the game CRICKET for men and women from grass roots level in INDIA and provide the right opportunity i.e. official cricket, good cricket grounds, cricket wears, shoes, cricket gears, cricket coaches, physios trainers, doctors, to Government Schools / Street / Small Town/Villages Cricket players from poor backgrounds and backward area of country.
  • To maintain General Control of the game CRICKET in India, particularly with reference to the rule and regulations.
  • To seek such International and National Affiliation which may be instrumental in the development of games.
  • To encourage the promotion of the State / City Organizations for development of the game and affiliation to the federation.
  • To bring out the best out of every child and to ensure that the future of the child does not suffer due to any constraint, financial or physical in any regard and in any manner.
  • To co-ordinate State / City Activities in respect of CRICKET game in all ways including conducting Inter-state zonal cricket tournaments / championships and the All India National CRICKET championship for seniors and juniors both for men and women.
  • To secure participation in international contests.
  • To hold such International Cricket Championship.
  • To promote, control and if necessary, finance visits of foreign teams to India and Indian teams to foreign countries on rotations basis.
  • To take such steps, which may be conductive in general, to the fulfillment of the objects of the federation.
  • To organize National Cricket Championships in the country every year for both men and women for senior and juniors. All India cricket tournaments and Inter Zonal Cricket Championship.
  • To organize cricket matches for charitable purposes.
  • To conduct International Cricket tournament / series on rotation basis with other countries Cricket Federations.
  • To conduct National Referees / Umpires / Coaches test / Seminar in India.
  • To publish literature on the game of Cricket.
  • To organize All India Seminars on cricket and to set up National Cricket Academy and Zonal Cricket Academies also setup national level Umpires, Coaches, i.e. Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Scores, Physical Trainers, Physios cricket academic in India. To establish cricket grounds in India.
    1. All the affiliated state, units, academies, school, college, club, corporate will insure Cricket Federation of India that all the participating players / all officials shall insured under the insurance policy for any insurance Co, if not insured that the affiliated state, units, academies, school, college, club, corporate will be held responsible for any kind of miss happening during the announce championship / camps / tournaments.
    2. It is also stated that affidavit also be taken of all the participants / officials individual from the players / parents so that in case of miss happening Cricket Federation of state unit and Cricket Federation of India should not held responsible for any kind of miss happening. A proforma copy of the same is duly attached for your kind information.