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  Bihar State Twenty 20 Cricket  Association
Affiliated to
 Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation ITCF-INDIA


        Mission of ITCF-INDIA


   Shri Awanish Nandan Prasad
 General Secretary

Mission of ITCF INDIA

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ITCF-INDIA is the original promoter of T20 Cricket in INDIA. Our federation has been organizing Twenty 20 Cricket tournaments keeping in mind that in India thousands of all level poor cricket players are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. India is a big country for playing cricket where cricket is religion, world cricket all most sponsored by Indian companies. Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation  (ITCF-India) is a big official platform for those neglected surplus talented poor cricket players from all over India who cannot avail any opportunity to come forward and serve the country through their cricket talent.  These Surplus players i.e from schools, villages and town streets waste their time, money and talent by playing under false associations moreover most players involve in human smuggling and spoil their future. The only motive of these fake associations is to collect the money from innocent players Federation has been promoting Twenty20 Cricket in India since 2001. We have our own rules and regulation of Twenty20 Cricket( 20 over game ) and Twenty20 Innings Cricket (game for 20-20 overs of both innings of each side totaling to 4 innings game) and own Legal Twenty20 Cricket infrastructure in India. which have no concern with those BCCI & ICC. We have been aiming to form Twenty-20 cricket teams comprising those talented cricket players who have not been able to make it big or have been left out from be State/City/Distt/zonal or national squads.



1. School federation of India ( SGFI) :-This federation is working under Government of India Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry . In cricket field total age groups are playing cricket under 14,16,19 with 16 players for one age group. Total 48 players for all age groups i.e.16*3=48(Forty eight)

Total 25 States/City teams participate in all three age groups from its school National games (Cricket) 25*48=1200( One Thousand Two Hundred) State level players for all junior age groups

* For District Level around 15 Districts/Clubs take part in State/City units affiliated with SGFI

25 States/City units * 15 Districts/Clubs in each State/City units i.e.25*15=375 Total District units are working under SGFI for Cricket game.

375 districts with 48 players for age group i.e.14,16,19.

375*48= 18000 ( Eighteen Thousand) junior players are involve in School level Cricket in India.

2. University Grant Commission (UGC) :- Around One Thousand Colleges are playing Cricket under (UGC) for senior group with 16 member team i.e.1000 *16=16000 ( Sixteen Thousand players are involve in College Cricket in India on senior level.

3. Corporate/Institutional Cricket teams in India :- Around 800 top cricket teams playing Cricket in above said sector i.e. banks/air/rail/bsnl/oil Government Center/State Institutions .Total 800 teams with 18 players i.e.800*18 =14,400 ( Fourteen Thousand and Four Hundred) players are involve in above said cricket in India.

4. Unofficial Cricket for Villages/Street boys etc in India :- In India around Five Hundred Districts with Twenty Clubs in each districts are playing Cricket in above said level i.e.500*20 clubs total 10,000 ( Ten Thousand) clubs are working in India.
(around Thousand clubs are in each big city in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata. These Ten Thousand clubs have around 16 players in one club i.e. 10,000*16=1,60,000( One Lakh Sixteen Thousand ) unofficial players are playing cricket in India.

5.   BCCI Cricket :- Around 25 State City units are affiliated with BCCI ( On base of Full and Associate Members) are playing cricket with under 15 ,17,19,22 and senior age groups with 16 players i.e.16*5=80 are registered with one State/City units affiliated with   BCCI i.e.25*80 =2000 ( Two Thousand) State/City players are playing cricket under BCCI.

In District level around 12 District/Clubs are working with under State/City affiliated units of  BCCI with 16 players with 5 above age groups i.e.25*12 districts =300 districts units affiliated with State /City units are working under BCCI i.e.300 districts*80 players =24,000 (Twenty Four Thousand)  State/District/City level players are playing cricket under BCCI .

 Summary  of players are playing cricket  in India for all level :-

Approximate players playing cricket under SGFI

 18,000  Eighteen thousand

Approximate players playing cricket under UGC

 16,000  Sixteen thousand

Approximate players playing cricket under Corporate sector

 14,400  Fourteen thousand
 and Four hundred

Approximate un official players playing cricket under own leve

 1,60,000  One lacks sixty thousand

Approximate players playing cricket under BCCI

 24,000  Twenty Four thousand

Approximate Total Players are playing cricket

 232,400  Two lacks Thirty Two
 thousand and
 Four hundred

Our federation's motive to save the above said unofficial players from such fake associations and give them to right opportunity to play the cricket in official platform where they serve the country through their cricket talent .

Jai Hind


Piyush Rana 

Hon’y Founder Secretary General &T.M Owner Of



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