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  Bihar State Twenty 20 Cricket  Association
Affiliated to
 Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation ITCF-INDIA


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   Shri Awanish Nandan Prasad
 General Secretary

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Aim & Object of
Bihar Twenty 20 Cricket Association
  • To promote and develop the game TWENTY 20  CRICKET and Twenty 20 Innings Cricket from grass-roots level in Bihar State so as to provide the right opportunity to Govt. School/ College/Small Town Street cricket players having poor/backward back-rounds.
  • To grant recognition to Clubs.
  • To organize Inter-District Twenty 20 Cricket championships at senior and junior levels in the Bihar State for Boys, Girls, Men & Women.
  • To participate in the nationals and other recognized tournaments in the country, organized by Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA).
  • To keep proper control of affiliated Provincial and District Units of BSTCA-014-C.Z.
  • To function as a sole controlling body in Bihar State in the game of Twenty-20 Cricket in Bihar State.
  • To grant permission to affiliated clubs to organize State level Twenty 20 Cricket Competitions in the State for Boys & Girls.
  • To organize Coaching Camps, Umpiring Seminars at various levels in Bihar State.
  • To foster a spirit of comradeship amongst the recognized clubs.
  • To make grants to affiliated Clubs/District Association.
  • To promote and develop the game Twenty 20 Cricket for Boys & Girls, Men & Women from grass root level in INDIA and provide the right opportunity to Government Schools/Districts/Small Town Cricket
  • To maintain General Control of the Game of Twenty 20 Cricket in Bihar State , particularly with reference to the rules and regulation. Players from poor backgrounds.
  • To seek such International and National Affiliation which may be instrumental in the development of the Game
  • To encourage the promotion of the State/City organization for a development of the game and affiliation to the Association
  • To co-ordinate State-City activities in respect of Twenty 20 Cricket game in all ways including Inter - State Zonal Cricket Tournaments / Championships and the all India National Twenty 20 Cricket Championships for Seniors & Juniors both for Men - Women & Boys-Girls.
  • To secure participation in National Contest.
  • To promote, control and if necessary Finance visit of Foreign teams to INDIA and Indian teams to Foreign countries on rotation basis
  • To take such steps which may be conductive in general to the fulfillment of the objects of the Association.
  • To organize Cricket matches for charitable purpose.
  • To maintain library to communicate the material on the game to the affiliated District/Club Units.
  • To conduct State Umpires/Coaches test in Bihar State.
  • To publish literature on the game of Twenty 20 Cricket.
  • To organize All India Seminars on Cricket and to set up National Twenty 20 Cricket Academy and Zonal Cricket Academies.
  • To establish Cricket grounds in Bihar State .
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